Free download Adobe dreamweaver full version

Free download Adobe dreamweaver full version

Free download Adobe dreamweaver full version

The story of Dreamweaver began many years ago, when the Macromedia company gave birth to this software. The success of this and other Macromedia products convinced Adobe to acquire it in 2005 and since then new versions of Dreamweaver have followed one another regularly, up to the current CS 6 version.

Besides being a multi-language editor, Dreamweaver is a program that uses a graphical interface and is therefore also defined as a WYSIWYG visual editor (What You See Is What You Get); thanks to this functionality, even those who have little knowledge of HTML, CSS or Javascript can still create web pages since, thanks to the Live View function and preview panels, the graphic objects used will be immediately reflected in the lines of code and vice versa . Let’s analyze Dreamweaver a little more in detail.

Program installation
The Adobe installation processes are certainly not famous for being simple and short and also that of Dreamweaver is no exception: first of all it is necessary to download and install the Adobe Assistant, a small program that will help you to download the necessary files for the ‘editor. Once the assistant is started, it will be necessary to register an Adobe account and start downloading the files for a few minutes, given the size of the program (about 300 MB).
During the installation process it will be necessary to choose whether to opt for the trial version or for the complete version that requires the prior purchase of the license. If you select the demo, you will need to log in with your Adobe account, choose your preferred language, the components to install and wait for the process to complete the installation successfully.

The Dreamweaver home screen
If it is the first time you use Dreamweaver, the screen that will welcome you may dislodge you: from the first moment you will be bombarded by side windows, menus, sub-menus and various panels; these elements can create confusion in the early stages but become essential once you become familiar with the software. Clearly not all the panels will be useful to you and it is therefore necessary to arrange the GUI according to your needs.

The presence of many tools and panels make us take a first look at Dreamweaver: if on one hand the software is complete and very versatile, on the other hand it will take some time to learn how to use the program 100%.

The Fluid Grid Layout
The most interesting feature of Dreamweaver is the Fluid Grid Layout also called, in Italian, Fluid grid layout: this function saves valuable time by avoiding to manually code simple elements; if you want, for example, to insert an image and place it on your web page, you can do it using the mouse, ie by selecting it and dragging it directly to the destination page. When you make changes to the layout, Dreamweaver automatically takes care of writing the code for you, using the HTML5 and CSS3 markup language to control the style of web pages.

However, Fluid Grid Layout is not limited to this: in an era where smartphones are the master, it is important to have your site ready when it is visited by mobile devices. Dreamweaver uses Fluid Grid Layout to change the size of your website in order to solve any problems caused by the display on small screens, whether they are linked to animations or static content.

Even during development it is possible to evaluate the result of your work from different points of view: thanks to the multi-screen preview panel, in fact, you can view your page directly as it will appear on different devices.

Integrated FTP client
Dreamweaver also helps you when you have finished your work: once your page is ready for publication, in fact, the editor provides you with the publication via FTP: just specify the FTP address, the data to login and the destination folder; at that point the program will load the page without any problems whatsoever.

As already mentioned, the graphical interface is complete but full of elements that can confuse the average user, but that’s not all: the huge amount of panels, menus and sub-menus can in some cases undermine the older systems. In the case of computers that are not too recent, the GUI can also be blocked and as a result, the whole software can crash. The case described is a borderline case, but from an idea of the complexity of the GUI.

Integrated functionality and supports
The characteristics of Dreamweaver do not end here, but it would be difficult and superfluous to describe them all with precision; Let us therefore limit ourselves to making a list of the most interesting features:

Support for jQuery Mobile
Support for PhoneGap
Live View: ability to verify pages before publication with a WebKit rendering engine, which supports displaying HTML5 content.
Support CSS3 / HTML5
Integration with Adobe Business Catalyst
Integrated CMS support
FTPS and FTPeS support
Integration with Adobe Creative Suite
Integration with Adobe BrowserLab
W3C validation: Dreamweaver provides the W3C Markup Validation Service online service to verify the accuracy of your web projects based on W3C standards.
CSS3 transitions: animate changes to CSS properties, such as transitions, to literally give life to web designs.
Custom suggestions on PHP class code
In conclusion, Adobe Dreamweaver is an excellent multi-language editor, ideal for developing web applications; the software is not immediate and requires good web knowledge but having these prerequisites will become a powerful tool for every web developer.

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