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Free download AGE OF EMPIRES II HD game full PC.Read game detail before download.


The fashion of the remake in high definition begins to infect the classic PC. Revive historical titles with a simple upgrade chart on our computers did not seem to make much sense, since often with patches, modification or services as GOG, the nostalgic have not so far had any particular problems in enjoying their favorite titles. Microsoft Studios has however decided to groped fans with a reissue in high definition of the classic Age of Empires II. It is worth it?

The original is even dated 1999, which means geological ages in the field of gaming. Age of Empires II was one of the highs of the kind at the time, thanks to the ability of Ensemble Studios by mechanical mixing real-time strategy with historical settings and an exceptional depth. A title that went into the hearts of fans like few others, so much so that even not long ago came out updates, add-ons and even mod the finishing touches that the aesthetic component, ideal for enjoying the experience on our 16: 9 monitor. Think of Forgotten Empires, for example, that a few months ago gave new life to the original with unprecedented unity, campaigns and technical updates. After the limited success of the chapter free-to-play, Microsoft has decided to take matters in hand and entrust Hidden Path, those of CounterStrike: Global Offensive, this Age of Empires II HD. The skill with which the developers have managed to revive the most famous competitive shooter ever was hope for the success of this new project, which unfortunately left us instead partly disappointed. Announcements are not many, considering that the up-scaling graph, and rearrangement of the soundtrack are the most obvious. Hidden Path has unfortunately not been able to work with your original content to render again all units, but it is still keen to upgrade the ground, further embellished with well-made effects such as water and fire. The return of a classic The update also introduces support for higher resolutions and multiple monitors. The same treatment was reserved to the graphical interface, completely revised aesthetically. In general the work is valuable, capable of making pleasing a true original and at the same time adapted to the needs of today. We could go to compare the aesthetic segment of Age of Empires II HD to a classical painting, beautiful to look at but that still does not hide the passage of time. There is, however, saying that if “fired” at high resolutions, the engine showed all his old age; for example, the units are a bit ‘small and we would have appreciated the opportunity to bring the vision to the ground to get more into the action. The soundtrack was completely remixed instead, resulting enjoyable and able to evoke the atmosphere during long gaming sessions.
Age of Empires II HD Edition – Trailer presentation
Age of Empires II HD Edition – Trailer presentation
The technology upgrade has not stopped the graphics and sound, however, given the total integration with Steam. A giovarne is the multiplayer component, since renewed nell’ossatura. The return of a classic campaign single player simply repeats what has been seen in the original by adding the expansion The Conqueros, also out years ago. In this respect, given the selling price, you could certainly do something more. Regarding the gameplay, it is noted the only true novelty, which the raising of the population that can now get to 500 units. Too bad that this addition was not followed by a refinement of the management component, still limited by the ability to select only 20 items at a time. It also lacks an option to call several groups simultaneously, a factor that highlights inexorably the age of the original title and the lack of initiative with which we tackled the remake. And if you count that since the launch the game suffers from some annoying bugs, especially online, you understand the reason for our discontent. After several sessions of play in the company of Age of Empires II HD we gathered to ask those who can affect the work Hidden Path. The return of a classicoI fan of the original title, in fact, have already gnawed at the time and the HD version could attract them thanks to the planted component online and to support Steam Workshop. On the other hand, new users may be discouraged by gameplay that still shows its age and a segment improved aesthetic yes, but certainly not up to date. The views expressed and evaluation of course apply for the remake, which as you’ll see left us a little ‘disappointed. Even the implementation of the service Steam Workshop seems almost a palliative inserted to give a sop to the community that will now release new content more easily.


Age of Empires II HD is unfortunately not the remake that we would have expected. The update is aesthetic and you notice, resulting altogether apt. On the other hand the gameplay was not practically touched factor that reveals the age of a title undoubtedly exceptional but with 14 years behind him. The renewal of the online component and full support to Steam, complete with a workshop that will delight even the modder, is a good thing but it seems that Microsoft has preferred to update its classic and then leave it to the community to enrich it with new content . The sale price a bit ‘high does not help finally to make it more palatable. If you diehard fans know basically what to expect, or you may choose to make us a little thought to rediscover a classic.

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