Free download FIFA 15 : ULTIMATE TEAM EDITION game full PC

Free download FIFA 15 : ULTIMATE TEAM EDITION game full PC. Read game detail before download.

download FIFA 15 ULTIMATE TEAM EDITION game full PC


As each September with league football now in full swing, we will be back with the release of FIFA, football title developed by EA and became for some years now the benchmark for all football fans. After a few days of testing, necessary to fully understand the dynamics of the gameplay and the many ways we are ready to deliver a verdict on the last chapter of the series.


A new look
The first thing we notice is the great work on the graphics, much better than the previous edition. The guys at EA have worked in particular on lighting, now more natural and believable, including improving the quality of the shadows that made it unplayable certain stages in certain situations. Also greatly improved the turf now deteriorates during the flow of the game. During the replay you can see all the blades of grass, a considerable improvement over the flat fields of the previous editions. The changes to the field, however, are only aesthetic, the ball is not in fact change its trajectory of land particularly consumed. Particular attention has been paid on the bodies of the players, now completely remodeled to look more harmonious and less square. The element that always creates heated debate, however, is found in the fidelity of the faces of the players. Even in FIFA 15 the situation is similar to previous episodes, with the major players played in a true and realistic and the players of the second floor with faces default. Many players, however, are scanned for the occasion in this edition including, with respect to our Series A stand Higuain, Palacio, Pogba and Pirlo, finally after a few issues with the beard shaved by. Finally, the players introduced a new system of emotions depending on the game situation. It is not uncommon to see squabbles between two players after a particularly rough game of contrast or watch an entire team despair after yet another goal missed by our striker. Emotions will not, however, to affect the gameplay by changing various parameters of the player: it is only an introduction to aesthetics designed to give a greater sense of realism to our games. The audience comes alive during the games, susceptible to various events during the course of the game. In fact, when we are under a lot of goals at home, it will seem to play in a stadium desert while different story if we can achieve the goal of winning the ninetieth, with the stadium will become a pit of hell. As for the number of stages, we find not a few additions: taking advantage of the new partnership with the Barclays Premier League were made all twenty stages in the top division in England. Unfortunately no news instead for the Serie A returns with only Olimpico Roma, Juventus Stadium in Turin and the Giuseppe Meazza in Milan now with curves in the right positions. For the introduction of new stadiums so we’ll have to wait until next year, with a number of items on the inclusion of San Paolo in Naples.


Ups and downs in the gameplay
Moving on to the gameplay are several new additions and corrections to the much-discussed several FIFA 14. The first thing you notice is probably given by the movements of the players are now able to change direction while running smoothly, not interrupting the movement as moving along a straight line but a curve. During our proven we noticed that these changes favor the players have a quick and good ball control as Gareth Bale, virtually unstoppable in the open field. This is not to suggest a game dominated by the fastest players, certainly helped by a rhythm game which we thought was slightly higher than in the past, since it’s easy to run a stop sign is not perfect which allows the defenders to recover easily. It will therefore be important to research the players quite technical, is good at dribbling that in steps. Do not expect then throwing 40 yards very precise with your median, we have lost count of balloons too long and easy prey for opposing goalies. As for the shots and the goalkeepers, after many games played with the patch installed, we found a very different situation than our first test. The porters, who first let in just about any shot even at highest difficulty, now seem more responsive, good outputs and their long range shooting. Now it is really difficult to score from outside the area of power, grace and the skill of goalkeeper and is a facility for failing to get the shot. It is not uncommon to shoot the ball in the curve after hitting bad just as it happens in reality, making also important the preparation phase to the conclusion, avoiding to pull in situations of poor balance. Something different for the horsed around, able to put in serious trouble the goalkeepers who are not always made ​​clear in rejecting shots also not particularly difficult. The situation is tragic, however, after several games, we were able to score in this way only after numerous attempts and using absolute phenomena such as Bale and Messi. The defenders, on the other hand, we do not yet fully convinced it is a good thing to use even slower defenders, usually physically strong and able to neutralize the threat of the opponent unless attacked in the open field. By contrast, we note the tendency of the team to keep the defensive line too high even with the use of a tactic balanced, with the risk of incurring too many counter-attacks. This often results in games with tennis match results, given the pace of the game increased slightly. This choice can be frustrating for many people, with developers who were inspired by the pace of the game more than a game of the Premier League, with teams long and ready to go, rather than to a match in Serie A, characterized often by teams closed defense. We close with head shots, real thorn in the side of the last edition. We say this once: score in this way is not easy, for a number of factors. First of all, it is particularly difficult to place the ball precisely on the head of our attacker with the ball that are often too long. The defendants also are much more reactive and not get caught easily position their opponents, as they did not anticipate making more in FIFA 14. Finally, it is not obvious that our players hit the ball with the right power and precision, often making it easy prey for the opposing goalkeeper. Obviously it is impossible to score, particularly with skilled players in the air still capable of hurting on the cross and on the corner, taking advantage of their height to block out your tags.


One of the features of the FIFA series is the presence of a number of ways, able to please both fans of the game online so those who want to challenge other players online.
There are few new features for the career mode. As always, we can choose to play as a coach, putting the head of a club to bring it to market and successfully managing teams, or a player, starting from reserve status to become captain of our national team. Similarly, there are big news in the career coach, an improvement of the network of global market and menus management team. Now we can in fact save more different formations depending on the games that we will face, saving training for the most important games, and another for the games against the teams second level, without the need to lose several minutes between the various lots to change owners and training. Each player then we can assign a specific style of play, for example by ordering the full-backs to push hard if to accompany the offensive action, and if the external back on defense to help out the midfield. Renovated also under investigation as to the market, now recovering from the one already introduced last year on Ultimate Team, through which we can search for players by name, league or position. Fair the commentary, with Pardo and Nava involved often recalling the results of previous games and presenting the next meeting we’re going to face. For fans of our league there’s something new: in fact, thanks to the full license of the Serie A Italian Cup and Italian Super Cup are fully licensed. Announcements unfortunately not stop there, in a way that is crying out to be re-written from scratch, perhaps inspired by that of the securities 2K where you can manage your finances in a more complete team, intervendendo price of gadgets and tickets or where we can watch a real story if the player career with a series of dialogues with real players or choices to make in certain situations. A few also changes to the way Pro Club where it will be easier to join a club through a system of fast and accurate search that allows you to instantly find the club for our friends. There is also the possibility, at the end of a match, to immediately look for new opponents without having to adjust to new training. New this season online shared with the classic returning in this chapter no particular news, with players required to reach the Division 1 competing with opponents gradually getting stronger. In addition to the classic 1v1 we also have the opportunity to join a friend in 2vs2, including addressing here several divisions. Back then the ability to play custom tournaments that will give the user the option to choose the size, the number of teams and other options. Finally we find the classic skill games, with new challenges of varying difficulty that can cause serious problems, even for the most experienced players, particularly at the higher difficulty levels. Also introduced a partnership with the well-known football website, thanks to which we can read the articles in the website directly in the game.
We close with FIFA Ultimate Team mode as DLC born and become, over the years, almost a game in itself, with a community alive and growing from year to year. The most important new feature is the ability to take the loan of players through the catalog EAFC, through which all can experience the best players in the game. The catalog will be changing during the course of the year, in order to ensure a good variety to users. Players will not be exchangeable and of course, after the expiry of the term of the loan, will disappear automatically by our club. Rose also introduced the Experimental that allow players to see how varied the agreement of our team once inserted new players. We may also share our roses created by our friends who will rimandarcele with the changes they made ​​and the pink copy of the adversaries met online, in order to steal some ideas to those who beat us. Functionality certainly useful, but not particularly strong because they were already offered by some sites well known to the great community of FUT. Added the ability to finally play in the season against our friends. Few then new to FUT, and our curiosity is addressed by EA promised to fight against cheating that took the field completely open in the second half of last year. During the launch week we found some problems with the server, with a number of disconnects that have made it difficult to complete the games.

fifa 15 -1

the commentary
Finally we address the issue of commentary, as you know entrusted to Pierluigi Pardo and Stefano Nava. Go after so many years to a recorded commentary from scratch helps give a greater feeling of freshness to the title. The couple is able to give the best games in our league with the big European football. In fact, the Pre is often cited famous games of the past or anecdotes between the two teams, as the reason for the rivalry between Juventus and Fiorentina. In other matches, with teams from lower leagues, we see almost a monologue Pardo, with Nava which occurs rarely and with trite phrases after a goal or an action by a yellow card. The starting point is definitely good, though the English commentary will probably still unreachable for several issues.

fifa 15 -2
FIFA 15 will probably remain the best football simulation on the market, with gameplay improved compared to last year but at the same time, it has some problems in the defensive department and goalkeepers. The large number of modes, although without particular innovations, will remain attached to the pad enthusiasts for many hours. The result is an evolution of FIFA 14, but not the revolution we expected from the first true next-gen football game, with the series will be called a shock for the next edition.

Get up to 40 gold packs in FUT 40 weeks and with many more exclusive content!

Messi in your team FUT for 5 games
Rejoicing ‘Kiss the wrist’
Rejoicing ‘kick to the corner flag’
adidas® All-Star Team
Package Scarpini adidas® Predator
Jersey Historical Package

The Ultimate Team Edition rewards your passion for football with FUT 40 gold packs (one per week) and downloadable content, including unlockable items such as Lionel Messi on loan celebrations real objects adidas and more!
FIFA 15 brings to life football played with an incredible level of detail to try to fan the real excitement of the sport like never before. FIFA 15 will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
as of September 23 in North America and September 25 in Europe.

Play at a higher level.

He had never seen anything like it.

Football fans are crazy about every aspect of the beautiful game in the world: the technical gestures, the incitement of the crowd, the emotions conveyed by the players on the court. For the first time in the series on PC, FIFA 15 can count
Ignite the engine to deliver a level of realism never seen in a football game.

The camp has been recreated with painstaking attention to detail. The beautiful grass is consumed during the game, with plates that come off the ground and splashes of mud raised by the players. The public has been the subject of significant improvements, with songs and chants of the fans in the stands taken directly from reality. The icing on the cake relates to the commentary, which will emphasize real-time behavior of the fans in the stands. It’s amazing how the sound will help to involve you fully in the game, and it is even more evident in FIFA 15.

First impressions live on FIFA 15 are absolutely positive. The players seem to really have their own personalities when they attack and defend, you will recognize the movements and plays typical of star players like Lionel Messi. The contrasts one on one will require all your concentration, thanks to sophisticated new physical model for the ball introduced by Ignite engine. Do you want to unbalance the opponent with his shoulder? See how you pull the shirt when you are fighting to defend the ball.

To win in football you need to do as a team, which is why all your mates can rely on AI most advanced available. Take control of your classmates during a decisive kick and position them where you want to execute a scheme to perfection.
You will need to take advantage of the abilities of your companions until the end, because your opponents will react in real time to what happens on the pitch. Whether you’re taking the ball to pass the time and defend the lead or they’re resorting to long balls to retrieve the result, you will need to sweat a lot to bring home the win.

The Ignite engine made ​​it possible to recreate all the unpredictability of football as he had never seen before. See you on the court.

Minimum Required Specifications:
OS: Windows V/7/8/8.1 -64-bit
CPU: Intel Q6600 Core2 Quad @ 2.4Ghz
Hard Drive Space Required: 15.0 GB
Minimum Supported Video Cards: ATI Radeon HD 5770, NVIDIA GTX 650
DirectX: 11.0

Download FIFA 15 : ULTIMATE TEAM EDITION game full PC

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