Free download Legendary game full PC

Free download Legendary game full PC. Read game detail before download.

Free download Legendary game full PC

Legendary is a first-person shooter video game developed by Spark Unlimited and published in the U.S. by Gamecock Media Group in the UK and by Atari . The game for the PlayStation platforms 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows, was released in October 2008.

The game is set in modern times in many cities, such as New York City and London , as well as places not disclosed. The protagonist is a professional thief named Charles Deckard , who is hired by a mysterious organization known as the Black Order to steal an artifact from the museum in New York that turns out to be the legendary Pandora’s box. Ignoring the nature of the vessel, Deckard opens it , releasing from the inside all sorts of mythological creatures that are unleashed on the world, but giving him a power known as “The teacher ” that gives him the power to resolve this crisis . Deckard fights with a group of paramilitary forces said the Council of 98 to put things in place, while the ‘ Black Order seeks to gain power and control of the signer’s creatures to conquer the world . With the help of Vivian Kane , a former member of the Black Order , and Lexington , Leader of the Council of 98, Deckard is finally able to stop the diabolical plans of the Black Order .
Starring [edit | edit source ]

Charles Deckard
A professional thief very famous in the criminal world , with deep knowledge in the field of mythology and electronics. Once you have opened Pandora’s Box by order of Ormond LeFey , is marked with a symbol of unknown nature , getting a great power that is the key to saving the world. His skill with firearms and his nerves are uncovered after releasing the creatures in Pandora’s Box . It also demonstrates that you want to redeem himself from his act , risking his life on more than one occasion. At the end of the game by the Council decides to leave alone and seek a way to reseal the monsters of Pandora’s Box .
Vivian Kane
The personal secretary LeFey , has the task of assisting Deckard during the theft of the Pandora’s Box . Following is betrayed and nearly killed by his boss, who urges her to join forces with the Council of 98 rival organization of the Black Order . In the final movie is presumed dead after the explosion of the Black Order headquarters , but one senses that somehow manages to survive.
The leader of the council of 98, is a serious man and loyal, stern and resolute air . Initially it is not nice to Deckard , but then reveals a good ally , determined to restore order in the world.
Council of 98
Secret paramilitary organization that has existed for millennia. Its task is to watch over the Pandora’s box , it helps Deckard in his journey . Prove you have a lot of influence in the government and in war , because its members are well equipped .

Ormond LeFey
Cape of the Black Order , in his spare time he collects works of art. Remains haunted by the legend of Pandora’s Box and commissioned Deckard theft of the artifact . Once you learn to master the power contained in it gets the mind control over the creatures and decided to use them in combination to his personal army to dominate the world. Despite arrive very close to achieving its goal , the end Deckard foil his plan and LeFey dies shortly after .
Black Order
A brotherhood that was once attached to the Council of 98 , he then denied it had as purpose the use of the Pandora’s Box to dominate the world , and it was not approved by the Board . The Black Order is a group parimilitare capable of rivaling the Council for wealth , power and influence. His soldiers try in every way to kill Deckard to prevent him from using his power to lock up monsters.

A creature with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion, is one of the strongest enemies in the game. His strength is amazing, and is very fast . It can also take flight , thanks to its large wings . The best way to kill him is to use the rocket launcher.
The dragons are encountered in the adventure very different from those of the collective imagination : they are blocks of magma covered rock , similar to crocodiles. They can roll , spit fire or explode, but individually they are weak . Their strong point is that if you do not turn off their nests with water continues to leak .
Limos werewolf
Called by the code name ” Limos ” because of their greed ( Limos is the greek god of hunger) , werewolves attack of this kind in view of every human being. Monsters are pretty common , they hunt in small groups. They are immune to normal attacks and the only way to kill them is to cut off their heads after being stunned .
Tentacles of Echidna
Very Long tentacles belonging to a large underground monster , which sprout from holes in the ground trying to drag their prey into their den. They are very weak and can be killed with a few shots, but if they are not immediately destroyed drag the protagonist in the subsoil , devouring . For this reason, the game is always good progress with full magazine .
Demonic spirits similar to poltergeist who embody the dead children . They can become incorporeal at will, can also use telekinesis to throw objects to the protagonist . Their weakness is that to attack with claws must return vulnerable , if also ” possess ” an object is sufficient to destroy the object in question to kill the naro .
A giant composed of cement and scrap vehicles , it is actually made ​​from pure energy generated after the opening of the vase . It can kill the hero with a mere handful , and this is perhaps the strongest enemy in the game since it is immune to conventional weapons. To defeat Lexington reverses its polarity by using special generators of electromagnetic waves and feeding them with the energy of the seal of Deckard .
Children of Tsuchigumo
Called spiders bloodied by soldiers of the Council are of two types: the Queen, who looks like a big sack suspended from the ceiling , and the Workers , which are generated by the queen and have a duty to protect her. They attack in large swarms and to defeat a brood must shoot before the Queen, and following the Offspring still alive, otherwise continue to regenerate.
Alfa Licantorpo
It differs from Wolf Limos for the more massive musculature and the thick fur . It is a much more powerful , tough and aggressive werewolf type Limos , and in the advanced parts of the game will come nearly to replace it. Defined by Deckard ” a tank hairy ” has the same regenerative abilities Wolf Limos and to delete it you have to behead him .
Another type of monster enormous power: charging the protagonist with horns and sometimes it is armed. Its weak point is the lack of mobility, but is compensated for the enormous power . Given their strength are quite rare to encounter in the course of the adventure.
The sea monster that haunts the Thames. Along with the Golem is one of the monsters that can be defined as the boss of the game , as they are encountered only once. While not quite as durable as the golem is much more impressive and also has tentacles similar to those of Echidna . To bring it down before you have to shoot him in the tentacles and then in the mouth with the rocket launcher .

the Seal
Immediately after opening the Pandora’s box , on the right arm of Deckard is a trademark imprinted with strange magical properties. Thanks to seal Deckard in battle a head start compared to other men, can absorb the souls of slain monsters to heal or to shoot energy blasts at enemies .
Axe Firefighters
The first weapon found by Deckard . It is the only edged weapon available to the protagonist. Its power is enormous and kill most of the enemies in one hit , but it is slow and leaves the protagonist exposed to counter-attack monsters. It should be used to cut off the heads of werewolves, to attack enemies or blocks to remove obstacles.
H662 9mm Pistol
The primary firearm . A gun supplied to the police and therefore readily available, is accurate and fairly fast, but inflicts minimal damage. It is useful only in the early stages of the adventure , then you should replace it.
SMP -9 Submachine
This weapon is used by the police as the gun and then you can find a little ‘ everywhere. Very fast, but pretty weak. Especially effective against soldiers and monsters of small tonnage , as the nostrils.
Marauder rifle model 1010
A weapon a little ‘ rarest of the previous two, but much more powerful. Inflicts a lot of damage up close but from a distance it becomes virtually useless . Strong against most enemies , especially against the werewolves .
XT9 -MU Assault Rifle
This rifle is a weapon better suited for the long haul. It can hit enemies from far away and allows you to calibrate the firepower , but is weak in melee , which makes it pretty much the opposite of the Marauder rifle . Useful against many enemies , especially the soldiers and the enemies of reduced dimensions.
Deasert Eagle .50 AE Magnum Research, Inc.
Powerful pistol , without a doubt one of the strongest weapons in the game. Because of its destructive weapon is very rare , but it is effective against any enemy.
flame thrower
Another very powerful weapon used by special troops of the Black Order . It has a high power , and also continued his jet allows you to inflict more damage to enemies. It’s great against humans , and effective against many monsters, but it is very rare and its charger is small , thus preventing prolonged use.
A weapon used by the soldiers and of the Council of the Order , to be found in the latter stages of the adventure. His bullets inflict great damage , making it a powerful weapon . It can be used against any enemy , in particular humans , and is one of the weapons recommended against the Griffons .
Rocket Launcher
The strongest weapon in the game . Has available to missiles that can kill with one shot the standard enemies , to the exclusion of the Kraken , and also has an automatic tracking device . His only weakness is that it is hard to find, also his ammunition is very limited.


System Requirements
OS: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
Processor: 2.0+ GHZ Single Core Processor
Memory: 512MB of System RAM
Graphics: Nvidia 6200+ or ATI Radeon 9600+ Video Card
Hard Drive: 10GB of Free Hard Drive Space

OS: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
Processor: 2.4+ GHZ Dual Core Processor
Memory: 1GB of System RAM
Graphics: Nvidia 7800GTX+ or ATI x1300+ Video Card
Hard Drive: 10GB of Free Hard Drive Space

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