Free download PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2014 game full PC

Free download PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2014 or PES 2014 game full PC. Read game detail before download.

Free download PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2014 game full PC

PES 2014 ( Pro Evolution Soccer subtitled ) is a football video game , developed by Konami and part of the famous series of PES .

The game will be built with the new graphics engine Fluidity , derived from the Fox Engine of Kojima Productions . It employs the use of the Havok engine middleware for animations and physics of materials . The game will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC , PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable and Nintendo 3DS.
There is , for the first time , the AFC Champions League. You also confirm that the licenses of the UEFA Champions League , UEFA Europa League (which will appear as single mode) , UEFA Super Cup and Copa Libertadores .
Were confirmed Pierluigi Pardo and Luca Marchegiani for the commentary .
It was confirmed the return of the Championship Mode absent in PES 2013.
From this year , even in the Playstation 2 version , you can also create the 3rd and the 4th divided . Some third and fourth meshes will instead present in the game .
The Playstation 2 version will have the same features as the other versions .
Will re-enter the Club World Cup , which will start from the semi-finals.

Details on the new features
The new engine will benefit from a “zone of action ” triple compared to PES 2013. This means that players will fight for possession of the ball within a radius three times larger than before.
Players will have specific centers of balance calculated by locating the center of gravity. It will be possible to move , through the use of the lever , the weight of the player to carry out, for example , of the eyelashes.
You can yank the shirts , which are now separated from the body of three-dimensional models of the player .
Has been improved tactical part . Now there is the option of ordering players to meet the specific areas in which to play , for example , you can control the attack to focus on ball possession and also look for areas with a very low defense .
The new engine will create very realistic effects of solar illumination , calculating in real time the position and the amount of light.
The models of the faces of the players will have 2 million polygons against 200,000 the previous engine.
You can change the color of the helmet of Petr Čech . In addition, we insert the editor of the players.
Players just bought, as well as all the young players and great team feel any pressure from the media .
If the players are booed , if they have a high personality react effectively, ask if they have a low personality change or listless play .

There is a “bar of motivation” of the player : Players will be affected by the contribution of the public both in a positive and negative . For example, a strong player psychologically fail or be discouraged after a goal right away.
The public then will affect the players, who will have a special mental statistics .
The model of the ball will be completely separated from the player animations .
The animations have been made much more realistic and fluid.
This adds the mode doors.
The official press release issued on June 2 contains more information
TrueBall Tech : at the center of the gameplay will be the ball game. Using the analog stick will be possible stopping or slowing the ball , for example .
Motion Animation Stability System (MASS ) : This is a new system of contrasts. Instead of using preset animations , the MASS calculate the contrasts based on various parameters including the direction and intensity of contrast , power and tonnage of the players, and it will be given much more importance to physical confrontations .
Heart: the support of the fans will be very important . The players will react differently to psychological game situations . The companions can help a player in trouble raising his morale, but will also congratulate it for a spectacular play.
PES ID: ID of the player to PES 2014 has been expanded with many more players , and will be extended to the teams that play the same style of play as the real ones .
Team Play : The new function “Combination Plan” will use a variety of tactics in pre-defined areas of the field, in order to better exploit weak opponents .
The Core : PES 2014 will have a new graphics engine . The graphics will take advantage of light mapping technology for greater realism . Have also been improved free kicks and penalty.

In PES 2014 everything has changed, from animations to the physics of the ball, the influence of the audience in the stands at the controls , until you get to a completely new management of the center of gravity of the players can , at least according to the programmers , to completely revolutionize the way approach the games.
Lots of news then, perhaps too many to be evaluated in the short time available messoci , a dozen games with the new PES we were only given a slight smattering , to delve into the mechanics will take hours and hours of thorough testing .
So let’s start with what has been revealed for the first point which the plant aesthetic of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. PES has always stood out for photo-realistic quality of the faces of the players and now more than ever this will be a strong point. Believe us when we tell you to be were really amazed by some of the top players of the two teams available in the demo, Santos and Bayern Monaco for the curious . Neymar , Robben and Ribery impress by the care put into their creation , with the latter puts on display his face is not exactly a model , asymmetric and with a lot of scars in evidence. A stunning work from this point of view that really left us speechless. The same can be said for the stadiums, for the public and for the atmosphere that this gives the games. The choreography is spectacular and really bring the flavor of an important game on our screens . Not just about aesthetics but also impact on the gameplay , because the fans will be able to affect real-time performance of the players. Obviously everything is not perfect yet and if looked at in detail the fans lose a lot, a negligible defect in the current state of the work , but that is unlikely to change in the final release . Rather disappointing however as always the sidelines, with stewards and photographers properties anchored at their stations but unaware of what is happening on the field. Besides, you know , Konami has always been more interested in what goes on inside the field of play , the rest is just a side dish.


Tying into the shoes
Under then with the technical details on the gameplay . We start from the very first , desired revolution : the movement of three hundred and sixty degrees. It took years , announcements and denials in the last chapters, but this time finally the Fox Engine will allow the player to move freely without having to force things remain anchored to the old 32 directions. This means that we can finally say goodbye to the most hated tracks, have more control over the players and be able to strike up a greater variety of actions and patterns . Some tracks remain, but are of little importance and are incorporated specifically by developers to better balance the gameplay. Pad to hand their presence does not disturb excessively, even if the exit from here we still expect a filing in this direction to see a player run towards the ball near the end line and not being able to stop it in time before you throw it out against going there is one thing that we would like to see more .
It is not all the fault of the tracks , however , but also an excessive inertia in players. This build has highlighted a particular difficulty in changing direction at speed and stopping in the race , a sign that the load on the legs of the players was excessive. We understand the grim defenders but when this happens to Neymar then something should be placed .
Before moving on to control of the ball itself, we point out the complete renovation of a cross , punishments and kicks, now equipped with visible and adjustable parable with the analog stick so as to make it extremely precise and dangerous . It ‘ just enough to get used to the new system, and after a couple of games we were already able to climb over the barrier to the ball with ease in punishment and to direct the ball right on the designated head of the attacker . Maybe the whole thing even a little ‘ too easily. The goalies in this case have not always responded in a perfect manner and their reactions on the central head shots seemed to us still a problem.
This is despite a new set of animations that make the movements of the last defenders extremely fluid and believable , and a new AI that has them improved appreciably between the posts , especially on felled and the deviations. There remains the problem of trick shots from the frontline able to stow behind the goalkeepers, a defect that will certainly be placed before the release.


Perfect control
From the pre-game menu , where you can set the classical schemes to impart one touch quick tactics to the team, down to the individual dribbling everything was revised in PES 2014.
The intent of Konami is to give greater importance to the individual skill of the player , allowing it to have an effect called ” Giant Killing ” or smaller teams with the ability to be able to beat even the most titled team . If this will be the end of the thousands of games between Real Madrid and Barcelona played online and in official competitions is early to say, but certainly we like the direction taken and the will to change.
From our side fast players still seem capable of making a difference, although it must be admitted that the pace of the match is definitely more rational than in the past and succeed dribble all over the defense and get in front of goal remains a utopia. Teamwork and filtering are the master control system with improved AI and able to act at the right times aggressively, perhaps a bit too given that call with the double click on the cross directional patterns for offside has allowed us to gain possession of the ball numerous times.
As for the gameplay , specifically has been inserted the ability to feint referrals with the keeper , stopping the animation of football and then pass it along to a defender behind. By pressing the right stick you can protect the ball with the player’s body and then begin to perform tricks defensive , while the controls remain unchanged for Flick .
Licensing instead everything is still wrapped in a cloud of mystery, with Murphy and her that keeping their mouths sewn on any kind of revelation.


These modes are available  .
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
Copa Libertadores
AFC Champions League
ranking Match
Free Match Lobby
Team Play Lobby
Watch Exhibition Mode
Football Life
Master League
Become a Legend
Master League Online
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
Copa Libertadores
AFC Champions League
Online Competition
Specific training
Free training

Minimum system requirements

Operating System: Win Xp 32, Vista, Windows 7

Graphic Card: GeForce 510, Radeon HD 5450 512MB

CPU: Pentium D 820 2.8GHz, Athlon LE-1640


HDD: 10 GB

DirectX: 9.0c

Recommended system requirements

Operating System: Win Xp 32, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Graphic Card: GeForce GT 440, Radeon HD 5550 1024MB

CPU: Core 2 Duo E7400 2.80GHz, Athlon II X2 255


HDD: 10 GB

DirectX: 9.0c

Download PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2014 game full PC

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Key: WR92-PN7U-Y9YV-EYC3-R2U2


Pass word : NRPJ82PES2014-UPBYRAMIS

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