Free download prototype 2 game full PC

Free download prototype 2 game full for play in PC. Read game detail before download.

Free download prototype 2 game full PC

Prototype 2 is a cross-platform action game released April 24, 2012 developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Activision, the sequel to the 2009 video game Prototype.

Radical Entertainment has confirmed the development of a sequel entitled to Prototype Prototype 2, which will be published in 2012 by Activision.
Already for some days had been launched on 6 December, the site [3] (“kill your creator”), registered in the name of Activision which heralded the viral marketing campaign for the sequel to Prototype. The site was then redirected to the homepage of after the formalization of the VGA’s.
It was also released a first official trailer that showed how the new protagonist of the story is no longer Alex Mercer, but Sergeant James Heller, who returned from the war overseas Mercer wants revenge on the creator of the infestation in New York who took away family and that has also infected him in the trailer, also, you can see how Heller and Mercer have no way of clashing . The gameplay is very similar to the old hulk ultimate destruction success [2005] for some of the similarities of attacks and features.

The story of Prototype 2 begins after the events of Prototype that took place in the city of New York, which will again be the setting of the game (during the events of the plot will be called New York Zero, abbreviated NYZ). The story begins by telling of James Heller, a soldier who, during the epidemic broke out in New York was in a military mission abroad. Heller constantly calls the family (wife and daughter) and stays updated on the events. Unfortunately, when it goes back in the metropolis, the expansion of the virus is already in an advanced state and discovers that his family was killed. He also discovers that the epidemic was caused by Alex Mercer, the protagonist of the first game, (from which the virus was nicknamed own Virus Mercer). After these events swears revenge against Mercer. Heller then he enlisted in the armed forces who fight in New York City to combat the epidemic and, as he stands with other soldiers on an armored military to patrol a hot area of ​​the city, is attacked by Mercer. The protagonist is the only survivor and tries in vain to chase Mercer to kill him with his knife (this level will be a sort of tutorial to get familiar with the various basic commands). At the end of Mercer, effortlessly, infects Heller imparting his powers. The soldier is then rescued by the military and taken to a laboratory of Gentek, where they made some experiments on his body. Heller, however, able to survive and escape from the complex. Out of it again meets Mercer, who explains to him that it was not him that caused the infection but the same Gentek and asks him to help him destroy it. At this point, Heller goes to his old neighborhood to seek advice from an old “friend,” the priest Father Guerra, who confirms the story of Mercer. From here on it will start the various attempts to sabotage the Gentek James Heller: the latter will also discover a conspiracy within the same pharmaceutical company, started by Mercer himself, who has infiltrated key positions in the company some infected “evolved” or individuals with powers similar but smaller of the two protagonists. James Heller’ll find out later, with the help of Father Guerra and an informant code-named Athena (Athena in Italian), which in truth it was just Mercer to cause infection, and that just does not want to destroy the Gentek but also the rest of humanity. So the protagonist will start deleting all the “Evolved” to sabotage his plans. Mercer, revenge for the “betrayal” of the soldier, kill Father Guerra. Unable to carry out his “crusade” against Mercer, Heller will receive, from the phone of the priest, a providential call from Athena, who turns out to be Dana Mercer, sister antagonist and an old acquaintance of the first game. Heller will go well in the red zone to find Dana (4-1 disguised as a catapult, help the soldiers in the rescue of a VIP of Gentek, which in turn will reveal the place where the girl is). Once found, the girl will be willing to help the soldier, who also reveals that her daughter, Maya, is alive. So will start another “operation” to search for her daughter with Dana. James will have to counter the Gentek who wants to destroy the entire area with the red helicopter with thermobaric weapons, which would put at risk the safety of her daughter. James then be able, through an agent of the FBI, to find Maya. Towards the end there will be a fateful confrontation with Mercer, and it shall devour all its infected were evolved to become more powerful. Heller, after defeating Mercer and consumed, thus obtaining the desired revenge, will make a sprawling super-attack that will come across the red zone absorbing the virus and the infected but causing a lot of damage in the area. The chapter concludes with James Heller and her daughter Maya and Dana Mercer. After finishing the game you can continue to play in free mode and you can finish the quests.

The game is divided into three islands of New York respectively divided into 3 areas or zones: Zone yellow, green, red zone.
Yellow Zone: The first area of ​​the game is yellow. In this area the Gentek and BlackWatch have complete control and is characterized by a strong oppression by the special forces towards the civilians. In this area are also carried out several experiments on human guinea pigs.
Green Zone: The second area is the green. Here, unlike the first, the oppression of Gentek and Blackwatch towards the civilians is much lower. It looks like a city quite normal, apart from the fact that sometimes break out some outbreaks of epidemic linked to the virus.
Red Zone: The third area is the red zone. This area is completely infected, the civil activity is almost non-existent and there is a massive use of military forces to contain the hordes of infected that inhabit the area.
Powers [edit]

In this episode were included new powers, such as the power and Tentacles Bomb Organic (not present in the previous chapter) while remaining available to the player the same powers as the previous game (except Muscle Mass), but with different evolution system , which will make them more and more devastating with the progress of the campaign by assigning skill points.
Mutations of Heller have a reddish color, and the attack is often followed by a trail of red light.
Claws: You will get the absorption of Brutus. They are great for every enemy but ill-suited to fight against armored vehicles. This chapter has been deprived of the opportunity to use their claws land. Also present in the first chapter.
Shield: You will get the absorption of the Juggernaut “defensive”, or with two shields on the arms. This shield will allow the player to protect themselves from attack, rejecting such missiles fired by the military sending them back to the sender. The mutation is also present in the previous chapter, but it was definitely improved with Heller.
Tentacles: You will get absorbing the Hydra. This new power will use the tentacles coming from the arms of Heller. On a single one shall be carried out the attack “black hole”, is different depending on the circumstances: if there are many agents “blackwacht” nearby the attack spappolera luring them to one another violently, and the second case occurs using the attack beings of “high caliber” who will be affected by larger objects (if they are in a certain space). They can be used as weapons by the tentacles: objects, soldiers and infected.
Fists Hammer: You will get absorbing the Juggernaut “offensive”, ie without shields. These big fists high damage attack power, allowing you to wreak havoc on the surrounding environment. In this chapter, you can now unleash an attack that is enhanced by the emergence of large claws terrenno land (similar to claws, with the difference that the claws are more numerous). Already present in the first chapter.
The remaining powers will be acquired by the evolved enhanced by Mercer:
Biological Bomb: This power allows (stealthily or not) to include in the body of the enemies of small caliber of the Tentacles, after a few seconds, they will leave the body of the enemy, creating the effect of “Black Hole”. To use it you will have to sneak grasp the subject from the shoulders, apply power and wait for the reaction, if you do not want to use it stealthy then you can simply take the person by the neck, apply the power and throw it where you want or leave the outlet.
Blade: Already present in the first chapter, this single but powerful blade is perfect for all kinds of enemies, but ineffective against armored vehicles.
Whip: Already present in the first chapter, this power is perfect for attacking enemies from a distance. In this chapter, the Whip looks much more like a backbone, with the addition of small blades like razors. The features were unchanged.

Unlike Mercer, Heller can also emit a wave that allows him to “hunt” for his prey by knowing only the name or having a DNA fragment, the move is called by the same Heller “Radar Viral” in the game is called skill hunting.

Also new is the skill pack leader, which allows you to summon and control the Brutes who defend Heller from all enemies in the area. You can also choose at any time to attack a single enemy, in addition, in the last part of the game in a single layer, Heller will have the chance to check out some Juggernaut through the absorption of a Juggernaut Alpha (new species battleship with a power devastating).
For this game published two DLC titled Colossal Chaos and Excessive Force.

As in the first chapter there will be enemies and infected humans, although they are very different from the first episode:
Infected normal: also present in the first game, they are the easiest to kill and helpful to recover health quickly.
Brutes: strongest of hunters present in the first game, are equipped with a pair of claws identical to those used by the protagonist.
Brutes changed: do not differ much from those listed above except for the fact that the spines on the back and are more resistant.
Juggernaut: infected from a height of about 3 meters with a thick, almost impenetrable armor. There are two versions: one equipped with shields, very strong in defense, and a supply of hammer fists, very strong on the offensive.
Hydra: similar to gigantic tentacles, these monsters are already present in the first chapter and have considerable strength. After having killed one you will get the power of the tentacles.
Goliath is the species infected strongest in the game, from a height of about 20 meters, equipped with a giant shield with which to charge the enemy with devastating power. To kill him, must be attached to the points “vital” of the creature.
Evolved: they are the followers of Mercer with the task of infiltrating the Gentek and special forces BlackWatch. They are almost as fast and skilled Heller and can change their arms in some of the powers used by the protagonist. Generally, they are soldiers of the Blackwatch and Gentek scientists.
Alex Mercer: the protagonist of the first Prototype, it is the chief antagonist of Heller.
As for the soldiers and the soldiers of BlackWatch, the only difference with the previous chapter are the uniforms.

Prototype 2 system requirements (minimum)
CPU: 2.3 GHz dual-core Intel or AMD processor
RAM: 1 GB system memory
Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible card with 512 MB RAM, Nvidia 200-series or Radeon 3000-series or better.
Operating system: Windows XP Service Pack 2
DirectX compatible sound card
12 GB of free hard disk space
Prototype 2 system requirements (recommended)
CPU: 2.4 GHz Quad Core Intel or AMD processor
RAM: 2GB system memory
Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible 1 GB graphics card, Nvidia 400 series or AMD 5000 series or better.
Operating system: Windows 7
DirectX compatible sound card

12 GB of free hard disk space

Download prototype 2 game full PC

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